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Melissa Mary Duncan - Leaf Graphic
Melissa Mary Duncan - Leaf Graphic

Our Fantasy Artist Collective

The Wylde Wood Collective is centred in BC, Canada. Comprised of art and services by predominately local artists, craftspeople, musicians, readers, and authors, within you will find steampunk fancies, fae whispers, gothic charms, medieval relics, and more character than you can wave a wand at. Due to Covid-19, the physical shop had to close, but the collective and its artists are finding new ways to go digital and The Wylde Wood is still thriving as a fantasy art community!  

Christmas Fair

The West Coast Christmas Show is Western Canada's leading Holiday Season Show that brings together under one roof over 200 exhibits featuring Holiday gifts, fancy foods, and decor ideas. There is free fun for the kids, Christmas music performed by local musicians, and huge displays of fresh flowers and Holiday decorations. Both artisans and unique manufacturers are here to help make the season everything you hope for. 


Produced in the United Kingdom and distributed worldwide, it's content is unlike any other magazine and it's creators strive to provide the reader with uplifting and inspirational in-depth articles on natural health, mythology, folklore and more! Each page is uniquely illustrated in full colour and is printed on eco-friendly FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks. It is an immense love and appreciation of nature which fuels the production of The Magical Times.

Cross Stitch Patterns

Offering elegant needlework charts from world class artists such as Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Amy Brown, Cris Ortega, Randal Spangler and many, many more! These are not your grandmother’s cross stitch designs, such as cute little bears and standard samplers. We offer you unadulterated cross stitch in its purest and most beautiful form. Their charts require no partial stitches, back-stitches or blended needles.


Vancouver’s first and only dedicated fashion, vintage style and costumers’ market. This is the place to find clothes, jewelry, hats, masks, and other accessories to ensure your wardrobe stands out! From across time and space, from far distant lands and active imaginations, they strive to bring you unique pieces!

Canadian National Science-Fiction Convention

Canvention is the Canadian national science fiction convention, where the Prix Aurora Awards are presented for the best Canadian science fiction and fantasy literary works, artworks, fan activities from that year. For 2014 it will be hosted by VCon 38 in Vancouver, BC.

Science-Fiction & Fantasy Convention

Vancouver's premier science-fiction, fantasy and gaming convention since 1971. 


Pulp Literature magazine contains short stories, novellas, novel and graphic novel excerpts, illustrations and graphic shorts. Think of it as a wine-tasting … or a pub crawl … where you’ll experience new flavours and rediscover old favourites. Our motto is ‘good books for the price of a beer’. We don’t want to stretch your pocketbook, just your mind. 



Master Ark has been creating authentic Medieval jewelry for over 30 years. His cloak clasps, pennanular brooches, fibulae, Thor's hammers, brooches, and pendants are worn throughout the Known World. He makes every piece of jewelry you buy from this website. Each piece is signed and bears the date the original piece was created. 


FAE – Faeries and Enchantment Magazine has faerie art, faery fashion, folklore, fairy news, views, events, music, films, meditations and much more. Produced in Celtic Cornwall, FAE Magazine is for enchanted folk who choose to walk a faery path.

Vintage Hats and Clothing

Vintage hats rescued, refreshed and re-homed. Buying and selling previously-loved chapeaux is her passion, with the occasional sortee into vintage clothing... or whatever happens to catch her eye.

Jewellery and Antiquities

Gaukler Medieval Wares makes jewellery and metalwork in ancient and medieval styles, using the methods and materials of the past. They do custom work, as long as the design is medieval or earlier. They also sell authentic ancient and medieval antiquities.

Art, Costuming, Giftware, Jewellery

Together with Janice Murphy, Melissa Mary Duncan helped found Celtic Daughters Artisans in 2010; an artist collective comprised of women who share an inspiration and appreciation for Celtic art, culture and mythology. Working in many different mediums, they sell costumes, art, jewellery, giftware and event materials. 


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Melissa Mary Duncan - Leaf Graphic
Melissa Mary Duncan - Leaf Graphic
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Melissa Mary Duncan - Leaf Graphic
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