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The Best Laid Plans... Culminate Into New Plans!

Well, Covid-19 has certainly changed things for me. I said goodbye to our beautiful store, The Wylde Wood Collective, in March when TobyAnne and I realized we could not withstand having to close up shop for months with no income. We decided very early on and were able to pack everything up and get out of the space by the middle of March. There are benefits to being the Wise Women of the Wylde Wood and we are grateful that our foresight led us in the right, though very difficult, direction. So, after a time of grief and rest for us, I began to regroup. I asked the big questions. What would life and work look like for us in the wake of this big change? All of our artists were forced to cancel shows and look to the internet for their sales. It was obvious I had to go more digital than ever before. Now that the shop was gone I needed to focus on my personal art business again. So, I applied to The City of New Westminster for a grant for art business tech which I was honoured to receive. I am working on my books, and painting a lot. I started a new Facebook Live Stream series of myself in my studio creating, talking about my work, speaking with other special guest fantasy artists, and so far I am just loving it! I am taking a photoshop course, and learning other things that will help me run my business myself. The ideas are flowing now and I am once again renewed with excitement for the future. Covid-19 has not been the only tragedy this year, as we all know, and I have been gutted following the news of late. Though I mourn for the worlds people of colour, I am heartened to see oppressive systems changing. I am hopeful for a better tomorrow. Great strife is often the catalyst for great change and I can see it happening. I pray for the very best of outcomes. The Wylde Wood Collective still exists as a group, and the potential for where that group will go is exciting. I am finding that new relationships are being formed and new projects starting to spring up. You can't keep a collective of creatives down for long! You can read more about our ongoing Wylde Wood journey on our facebook page in the About section.

It has been both a tragic time and one of growth for me. I am uplifted by simple things. I feel so lucky to have a lovely home and workspace to retreat to, the love of my husband, and the companionship of family and friends from afar.

I wish all of you wellness in these unprecedented times.

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